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Your desire to redecorate usually comes from a desire to feel something different...something better.

You want your space to match how you want to live. 

Your home or office can make you feel everything from inspired, brave, bold, and energized - to safe, peaceful, and relaxed. When your space helps you feel the way you want to feel, it's doing its job well.

This kind of interior design doesn’t ask you to change who you are – it helps you experience more of what's important to you. 

Your space can change your life

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The spaces where we live and work have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with the important people in our lives.

I believe the design choices we make are all expressions of how we want to feel and how we want to be seen.

Nothing makes me happier than helping a client bring their space into alignment with who they are and what they want for themselves and the important people in their lives.. 

about annie

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spaces affect how you feel

I've had the privilege of working with iconic corporate brands. At Nike, we created sales environments which were total experiences - and changed the direction of retail design.

The sky was the limit when it came to enhancing how our customers felt in our spaces - and we created some really amazing environments to express the brand..

I bring the marketing lessons I learned working for the big brands down to a personal level, by helping clients create living and working spaces which are a true reflection of their own unique, personal brand.

Every choice you make is a reflection of who you are and the experiences you want for yourself and the important people in your life.

about annie

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your spaces reflect who
you are

Working at Ralph Lauren taught me how spaces are more than just rooms - they can give people an entire experience. 

When we built Polo Shops, every detail was chosen to enable customers to feel the way they wanted to feel when wearing Ralph Lauren - luxury, ease, and sophistication.

These days, I help clients create spaces that allow them and the important people in their lives to feel the way they want to feel in their homes.

It's all about knowing what you want from your space - starting with the feeling and building from there..

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about annie

reach for the feeling you want

about annie

When my kids were young, we moved 7 times. We've lived through national disaster, divorce, and major home renovations.

Each step of the way, creating a home that felt good was crucial to surviving and thriving.

These days, my beau and I try to keep up with the 6 kids we have between us. They're all taller than we are now and almost ready to fly the coop! 

I know how important it is to live in spaces that make it easy to have casual conversations, feel connected when life gets busy, and snuggle in together on a rainy evening. Or just sit quietly with a cup of tea and take in the day.

Spaces matter...because we can use our spaces to shape our experiences.

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been there, done that.
I've got your back.

about annie

I see the spaces where you live and work as an extension of your personality.

Every interior design project is an opportunity to create living or working space that is more aligned with what you want to experience.

When your space feels right, it's so much easier to do your best work, think clearly, relax, unwind, gear up, and show up for the important people in your life.

Getting to know my clients and helping them create experiences is the best part of what I do!

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aligning your space with your unique style

The "5-Step Style Your Room Happy Formula" is the process I use with my clients to create the spaces of their dreams.

This workbook gives you simple exercises for
quick wins and lots of forward progress!

+ bring your vision into focus
+ organize your next steps
+ get happy with your room

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You want that feeling every time you walk in the door.

You'd like a room that looks great and works for you - and let’s you live the way you want to live.

...and you need to free yourself from decision-making paralysis and finish your rooms.

Let me show you how!  

Working together, your project can be simple and fun - rather than overwhelming.

We'll use your space to express your unique style and help you feel the way you want to feel!

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design services
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 "ahhhh, I'm finally here!" 

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Expert advice, right when you need it!

Treating yourself to a "Style Coaching" session is a great way to move forward with confidence! 

This isn't isolated to decorating - I feel that your style is reflected in all of your personal style choices - so start wherever you're comfortable!

Figuring out what will make you feel good is the main thing - because happy always looks really, really good!

We'll talk about what you want from your space, what's working or not working about your style, and how you want to feel in your life. All of this matters when making personal style choices!

You'll come away with the concrete "next steps" to work at your own pace - but I'm always here if you want more in-depth help, 

"style coaching" session

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the best way to start working together!


Everything's easier when your home looks and functions the way you want it to. It's easier to feel in sync and connected with your family and friends -- and it's much, much easier to relax!

This is isn't about trying to impress your neighbors. It's about you...your preferences...what you want for yourself and the important people in your life.

It's about where you are now and what you need to feel good in your space. Your home can lift you up, give you comfort, energize and motivate you.

Your home can show the world the best parts of who you are.
Let's make your home look the way you and your family want to feel.

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happy lives here

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Your work space is an extension of your personal image. It tells your customers and clients who you are, before you even meet them.

The way your office looks and feels is the brand experience your clients and employees have whenever they walk through the door.

We can bring your space into alignment with your business goals and ensure that your work space makes a positive statement about you everyday.

Let's make your office work as hard as you do.


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your brand experience

“Annie was amazing to work with!

She took the time to carefully listen to me and to understand the image I wanted to project. She was professional, fun to work with, and had a keen eye.

I strongly recommend Annie for anyone who wants to up their style.”



“I would highly recommend Annie's work for many reasons.

Annie was very accommodating and responsive. Her approach is very consultative and low pressure and all about meeting my needs. Additionally, Annie was very creative and insightful in her recommendations.”



"Annie Kip is worth every penny!
She has helped me in numerous ways. She helped us plan affordable ways to remodel. Her warm personable and intuitive approach is easy to work with and She is excellent at finding solutions and coaching you through
the steps to keep moving toward results."





"Annie is very warm and she's a great listener.

She took the time to understand our needs and also our taste. Annie has great ideas And is also flexible - When we didn’t like a certain suggestion, she came up with other options that worked great for us. She also gave us a range of price points - so we were able to stick to our budget. We recommend Annie highly and would definitely work with her again!"

"Annie will take the stress and anxiety out of your project!

What we really liked was how each piece of Annie's design - from the colors, to tile, to floors, the lighting - it all came together aesthetically. She saved us a lot of time! Never having never previously worked with a designer, we were concerned about affordability and worried that our ideas would be disregarded - but these concerns were assuaged while working with Annie!"



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