Coaching and strategies
to help introverts
survive and thrive
in an extroverted world

about annie

My goal is to help you discover a genuine sense of confidence, clarity, and ease - and to integrate it as a natural extension of your personality, that you don't even have to think about. 

When the outward expression of who you are feels right, it lightens up every area of your life.

It's so much easier to do your best work, think clearly, relax, unwind, gear up, and show up for the important people in your life, when the way you are perceived matches who you know yourself to be.

Getting to know my clients - who they really are - their hopes, dreams, and aspirations! - is the very best part of what I do!

defining and amplifying your natural strengths

about annie

You already know what lifts you up. You know what inspires you. You know what makes you smile.

I believe that you, my friend, are the one and only expert on YOU.

As a Co-Active Coach, I hold my clients naturally creative, resourceful, and whole - which means my job is to help you listen to yourself and discover the answers within you. 

I offer coaching and practical strategies to define, refine, and amplify the unique qualities that set you apart in a way that feels genuine and true to you.

Working together can inspire and empower your fresh start, a new bold move, or simply the next exciting chapter of your story. Every aspect of your life offers a perspective we can use to create the experiences you want to have. 

everything you need is already within you.

I believe that reclaiming sovereignty over our lives requires us to attach ourselves to the feeling we really crave.

When we're crystal clear on this, it informs all of our other choices and actually makes decision-making feel easy and effortless.

This is about owning what we truly, deeply want instead of merely owning furniture or clothes or the possessions that might impress other people.

True personal presence and ease always comes from and circles back to whatever feels genuine - to you.

When your choices align with the way you want to feel, you can be who you were meant to be and create the life you want to live.

about annie

reach for the feeling you want, first.

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What is coaching?

and how do we work together?

Want to know if we're a good fit?

Coaching is a unique way to make big leaps and transformations.

Coaching is for people who want to understand themselves and go from just living to really thriving. Unlike therapy, we aren't trying to "fix" anything and we aren't focused on your past. We work as a team to create the future you want to experience.

As a Co-Active Coach, I hold you naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. While I will always invite you to dig in and explore, you set the pace and the depth of our conversations.

We usually talk via phone 2-4 times a month, over 3-6 months. I listen carefully, ask questions, and offer insights to get your mind working in new ways. If you're up for it, we can use visualizations and other fun, creative exercises to access your inner wisdom. My clients love this part!

Maybe your life is changing - kids are flying the coop or you're changing jobs. Maybe you're in a new relationship or building a new business. Or maybe it's finally time to do what you've always wanted to do, just for fun. Maybe you'd like to just relax into who you've always wanted to be.

As your coach, I'll guide you to discover what you really want, uncover some of the the road blocks that could be holding you back, and I'll offer practical strategies as you plot your next move with genuine confidence, clarity, and ease.

Your great ideas got you here, but now you're expected to sell them...and sell yourself!....but selling, networking, and small-talk simply bore you and leave you exhausted.

Maybe you've been told you need to "get out there" more - but you dread it and, everytime you do, you wish you'd just stayed home with a good book!

It's a noisy world. It can seem like there's no room for someone who thinks before they speak and wants to have deeper, "real" conversations, rather than quicky cocktail banter.

INTROVERTED LEADERs Face unique challenges

Let's design your Reputation and close perception gaps

If you're ready to leverage your natural strengths as an introvert, you're in
the right place.

As an introvert myself, I'm obsessed with understanding and developing techniques to to survive and thrive in an extroverted world.

Especially in my work with introverts. I access the breadth of my professional experience. The marketing lessons I learned with Nike and Ralph Lauren come into play as we create a consistent, vibrant personal brand message.

My previous career as an interior designer and personal stylist, inform the way we deliberately create and manage all aspects of your non-verbal personal presence.

I teach practical strategies and communication techniques, to help my introverted clients experience a genuine sense of confidence, clarity, and ease.

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“Annie was amazing to work with!

She took the time to carefully listen to me and to understand the image I wanted to project. She was professional, fun to work with, and had a keen eye.

I strongly recommend Annie.”



“I would highly recommend Annie's work for many reasons.

Annie was very accommodating and responsive. Her approach is very consultative and low pressure and all about meeting my needs. Additionally, Annie was very creative and insightful in her recommendations.”



"Annie Kip is worth every penny!
She has helped me in numerous ways. Her warm personable and intuitive approach is easy to work with and She is excellent at finding solutions and coaching you through
the steps to keep moving toward results."





"Annie is very warm and she's a great listener.

She took the time to understand our needs. Annie has great ideas And is also flexible - she came up with so many options that worked great for us. We recommend Annie highly and would definitely work with her again!"








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