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I'm Annie Kip and I help professionals like you get the recognition, salary, and appreciation you deserve so you can finally get ahead in your career. 

You’re great at your work and you’re ready to experience success in a way that feels
truly fulfilling, with genuine confidence.


You were hired to produce work that moves the needle, but doing your job well seems to make folks around
the office feel uncomfortable
and even threatened.

Navigating office politics and
social games isn’t going so well.

you're feeling

You're starting to wonder if you're cut out for
this kind of corporate environment.

You’re struggling to be seen accurately and positively by your colleagues and managers.

Putting in effort to fit in, working harder, making yourself smaller, and pleasing others is making it all worse.

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 The great news is you already have everything you need to turn this situation around and get ahead in your career.

there's a better way

And that's exactly what I can help you achieve.

"I was very frustrated at work and I didn't know what to do about it.

Working with Annie allowed me to
see patterns that I had blinders to -
which was INCREDIBLY helpful in
changing how I showed up at work.

I learned to trust myself, my needs,
my thoughts, and inner wisdom
in a way that I have never done before.

The work I did with Annie literally changed the outcomes in my life by giving me the courage to level up and make a big career shift."

Jeannie Gracey
Major Gifts Manager

"There was a mismatch between
how I presented myself and how
I actually came across.

I used to feel like if I dressed nicely
and presented myself in a
well-put-together way,
I was an imposter.

After working with Annie,
I am now able to integrate my
"polished presentation" into
my natural identity.

Annie helped me convey my
self-worth through the way I talked,
my clothing, and other elements of
my appearance so I could bridge
the gap between my inner
confidence and outer presentation."

Anisa R.

"I wanted to build confidence and structure around starting my own business, while still working full time in the tech industry. 

Through coaching with Annie, I
had a shift in perspective and am far more aware of what had been holding me back.

I've seen my motivation and confidence increase and I've gained the resources I need to
overcome set-backs and challenges."

Stephanie Baysinger
Recruiting and Operations Manager
Global Tech Company

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It’s time to create real success
in your career in ways that feel completely genuine and
get the results you want. 

Book your complimentary consultation now to discuss how we can work
together so you can get the
recognition, salary, and
success you deserve. 

"I was having a hard time
balancing everything in my life and
I wanted to enjoy my work more.

From working with Annie, I
saw new possibilities and was able to call upon my own unique abilities and internal strength to move in a productive direction.

As a result of working with Annie,
I definitely have more joy in my life,
I've gotten more clients, and
I have a more successful business."

Anna Kaufman
Chief Badass

the 3 easiest WAYS TO CREATE

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I'll walk you through my top recommendations for how to
easily and quickly increase your confidence
so you can finally get ahead.

You'll learn what to do, how to make these strategies your own,
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