you can create professional success
that's deeply fulfilling

Everyone can count on you
to get the job done
- and done well.

You love your work,
you produce excellent quality,
and you’re making a difference in the company.

You’re motivated by big challenges and learning new things.

When it comes to your career,
you're the right professional for the job.

Which is why it would be nice to get a little recognition…

You’re working hard and still being: 

Too often, professionals like you
struggle to be seen accurately or positively
by your co-workers and managers.

You’re doing your best to navigate office politics and survive social games, but you’re starting to wonder if this is really the right kind of
corporate environment for you. 

being a team player or
wearing the right clothes or
participating in the right (totally boring) water cooler conversations,
You're treated like competition
and sometimes others even take credit for your work.

No matter what you do to fit in...

When I finally let go of the shoulds and embraced my girl-next-door quirkiness and showed up with genuine confidence,
everything changed.

I got the respect I needed to advance in my career.

I wasted many months feeling insecure,
exhausting myself being “on” all the time,
and working so hard to fit in - I doubted whether
I could really make it in the company. 

I tried to fit in by wearing glasses (that I didn’t actually need),
wearing big ole black Doc Martens (which were cool, but soooo not my style),
and cutting my hair really short (much to the dismay of my new husband).

I understand, because I’ve lived this.

When I started my job at Nike Design, I was soooo nervous. I was Mary Tyler Moore in sea of moody designers and the more I tried to be confident,
the more awkward and uncomfortable I felt.

we used in the companies where I worked and brought them down to

Big Branding strategies

I took the same

a personal level

to create the opportunities, experiences, and relationships I needed to be successful my career.

- be seen accurately and positively to build a stellar reputation
- play to your strengths so you can relax and do the work you love
- upgrade the way you show up at work to convey your competence
- be appreciated and recognized for your work
- stop trying to please everyone and set yourself free
- get ahead without becoming a political machine
- build true connections and bond with your colleagues and managers


Now, I use these same strategies to help professionals, like you, deliberately craft the experience you want people to have of you,

In addition to my work with corporate brands, I draw on my experience as an interior decorator and personal stylist where I helped professionals dress to be perceived how they wanted and create office environments that evoked the feeling of their brand.

As a CPCC certified coach, I bring all of this practical knowledge together to show professionals a whole new way to build genuine self-confidence.

Nike’s are designed by elite athletes.
Ralph really does live on an elegant horse ranch.

And being real made it easy
to be consistent. 

Here's a bit of backstory...when I worked for Nike, and later at Ralph Lauren, we were all about giving you, the customer,
an amazing experience of a feeling you crave. 

Every aspect of every interaction - from the shopping experience, to product, to packaging, to ads - is designed to make you feel like the special person you want to be, living the special life you want to live. 

We did it all on purpose.

So why does this matter to me?

On the weekends you’ll probably find me up early, with a big ole mug of tea, blanket over my lap, diving into a stack of business and personal development books (and, of course, my journal, post-it notes, and colored pens are right there too!).

I love chatting with friends on my porch and trying to keep track of my three almost-grown kids, who are all much taller than me now, going in different directions, and just about ready to fly the coop. 

As a California girl living in New England, you'll often find me in a cashmere sweater and jeans - but I mix in anything that tickles my fancy, from vintage jewelry, to (faux!) python cowboy boots, to moviestar sunglasses.

I've given up my clunky Doc Martens - but I've come to see the value of giving myself permission to wear whatever lifts me up, empowers me, emboldens me, or gives me the boost I'm looking for.

Even when I'm working from home, I actually choose what I wear according to how I want to feel on any given day. (Do you do this too?)

We have a literal coop around back, occupied by three chickens (Luca, Priscilla, and Raven) which is obsessively guarded by our sweet, old chocolate lab named Luna.

Luna greets everyone with big, sloppy kisses.
(You've been warned.)

You have choices as well.

How you show up can empower you to be who you want to be and embolden you to do the things that you're afraid to do. You can create a career that makes you feel confident and is deeply fulfilling. 

I can help you do this.

Clothes and rooms have always been tools I've used to manage how I feel and to create the experiences I want to have. (As a kid, I drove my mom crazy rearranging furniture and changing clothes!) Making intentional choices has enabled me dream up and create the career I've always wanted doing the things I love to do - and would do anyway! - even if they weren't my job. 

You have what it takes to create a successful, fulfilling career,

and you’re ready to show up feeling genuinely confident. 

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