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become that confident guy who has the easy, fun, long-term relationship

This version of you is someone everyone loves and wants to be around,

but it's not easy to show up this way when your relationship doesn't feel good.

You finish your workday, knowing she can't wait to hang out and enjoy the evening with you.

Your career is taking off because you're confident, focused, and you feel at-ease just being yourself.

Your friends wish they could have a just a little of the fun, easy vibe you two have together.

When she gives you that sweet look from across the room, you can't help but smile.

You're excited about the future and can't wait to experience it all with the woman you love.

In this world,
YOUr partner ADORES YOU.

you're confident and relaxed, AT HOME AND AT WORK.

You're living a life that feels great.

The best version of you just walked into the room...'ve been trying so hard to please everyone else - and especially her - for so long that you've lost track of who you are.

You need to stop trying to read her mind - and feel free to be yourself. Confident. In control.

It's time to reclaim yourself, act from your own values and motivations, and finally create a connected, fulfilling relationship on your own terms.

the truth is...

You're great at your job,
but you never really feel confident because you aren't getting great reviews at home.

You try to help exactly the way she wants you to, 
but it's never quite right and you feel like giving up because you get no credit for trying.

You're a passionate, fun guy,
but you feel rejected before you make a move because it seems like she'd rather hang out with her girlfriends than you.

You try so hard to please her,
but it never works for long and you feel like an idiot whenever you try something because you can't figure out what she wants.

You KNOW you're a good man and you deserve better.
You KNOW that NOW is the time to build what you want.

you're a good guy and you're proud of what you've provided for your family,
but you're still struggling 

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I'm willing to bet that you've tried to fix this already...

Maybe she dragged you to counseling and you gave it your best shot, but you just couldn't see the logic of airing your dirty laundry in front of a stranger.

Maybe you've spent a whole lotta cash and endless hours, letting a therapist poke at your weaknesses and dig into your childhood.

Maybe you've even tried the advice on websites and blogs, even if it didn't feel quite right for you.

Maybe you've read self-help books or listened to podcasts to help you understand what makes women tick. 

Maybe you've even confided in a few friends, hoping to gleen some insights, but only got a superficial "hang in there!" or "women are impossible" - and came away even more embarassed that you can't figure this out.

basically, You're in this crappy relationship situation because you've been trying to do what everyone has been telling you will work.

And it's only been making it worse.

It took my own two marriages (and two divorces) and seeing several friends cheat and then leave their confused husbands, to realize that whatever was going on between men and women in long-term relationships wasn't working.

So, I dove into allll the self-help books, spent years working closely with men, and I took a really uncomfortable look at myself in therapy, because I didn't want this cycle to continue in my new relationship.

I finally realized that telling my partner what to do, begging, nagging, over-explaining, and issuing ultimatums was only making him less and less the man I wanted him to be.

The very act of telling him what to do wrecked it - and took away the pleasure of having him do those things.

As a professional coach, I've also seen that my male clients' confidence is closely linked to how he feels with his partner - but trying to read her mind makes him feel small and incompetent - which only makes him less attractive to her.

It's a losing cycle!

I realized that there was a better way for both partners to get what they want. 

I created WHAT REAL WOMEN WANT to whisper this information in your ear. I share specific, actionable, insider information about what real women want and need in a long-term relationship. This will enable you to step back into your dignity and confidently make choices from your own values and motivations. 

You can do the good things you already do with a new understanding of your impact and make small shifts which will get you the appreciation and recognition you want from your partner.

but it is possible to have a long-term relationship that feels passionate, easy, and fun.

I know because I've lived this.

I know your situation might seem impossible right now...

this is what your life is
about to look like:

You look forward to the end of the day when you can hang out with her, doing simple things like making dinner, because you actually enjoy being together.

You're sure of yourself and unstoppable at work, because your mind is free to focus, knowing that your partner believes in you.

You know she adores you, because she laughs at your jokes, even when they're not funny, and looks at you the way she used to.

You show her how much you care in ways that are comfortable and easy for you and you know it means a lot to her, because you overhear her humble-bragging about you to her girlfriends.

You're looking forward to the future, because you know you can get through tough times together and you'll be able to handle whatever comes your way.

"Fascinating. At this point I understand how to compliment a woman - for the first time evah!! This has given me so much to think about regarding my wife. Your writing style is so poetic and you know how to empower us men. It’s like you’re inside our heads :) I love how real you are! You continually demonstrate your deep understanding of the male species. And because of this I know I can trust your advice. You are truly one of the most emotionally intelligent humans I have ever met and I’m grateful for the things you’ve taught me. Thank you." 

Steve Elder, M.Ed.
Upland, CA 

what clients say...

and start doing the good things you already do in a way that gets you the credit you deserve.


Bind her to you with the right words at the right time.

Stop small disconnections before they become big arguments.

Meet the primal need that causes the most problems.

Apologize in a way that knocks her socks off.

Reclaim your dignity and own your masculinity.

Become her champion, even if she doesn't need one.

Be the one person she needs and wants the most.

Straight-talk and strategy to
win her heart, stay out of the doghouse, and confidently create an easy, fun long-term relationship.

what REAL women want


A transformational 5 weeks of actionable info developed just for men and delivered to the privacy of your in-box, so you can

the skills you need to

your investment


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I've seen that the things women want men to do to fix their relationship don't work.

Yep, I was that kind of partner too, until I realized that I was actually emasculating him and making it difficult fo him to feel confident at home - and at work.

Telling him what to do didn't work and it made me feel like his mom.  (ugh! - nobody wants that!)

What I really wanted was a man who could think for himself. I wanted a man who could figure out solutions, who was deliberate, and did things of his own accord - not because I told him to. 

Most of my friends wanted what I wanted - a truly confident man. 

Hi, I'm Annie Kip and
I've been around the block a few times

I know you've been trying hard to prove yourself at home (and at work!), and maybe you're wondering if this will work for you.

I created WHAT REAL WOMEN WANT to help you be that guy - with insider info about women so your partner doesn't have to tell you. You'll get the real scoop from a woman who's been through it all - so you can choose what's useful to you and decide what you want to do.

Every step of the way, you'll get straight-talk, strategies, and suggestions - and then you'll choose how you want to make your own moves. You'll choose your own words and do what makes sense to you. You'll step back into being YOU.

Just think of this as your secret decoder ring for women. When a guy understands what real women want, he can show up confidently. 

It's a win for both partners.

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what clients say...

"it's like you're in our heads!"

"You are truly one of the most emotionally intelligent humans I have ever met and I’m grateful for the things you’ve taught me. Thank you."

"You know how to empower us men."

"The very first week, my eyes were opened and my perception changed from "I'm fine" to “I have a lot to learn.” 

"The changes she recommends are simple and easy, but I can already see they make a big difference."

Many clients have reported that it is super valuable to set goals for this work. I would love to support you in doing that!

When you click below, you'll be sent to my calender to schedule your 30-minute phone coaching call and then enter your payment info. You'll be able to reschedule at your convenience using the link that comes in your confirmation email.

Stop The Escalation

Why Women Don't Ask For Help

Rebuilding A Relationship

Compliments In A Chilly Situation

The "Felt Experience"

The real reason the sizzle fades in your relationship.

Why a stand-off drains the life out of your relationship.

How to be her champion, even when she doesn't need one.

Ways you can do what you already do, but better.

How stepping into your masculinity puts her at ease.

How compliments bind your woman to you.

Why women rebuff compliments.

How withholding compliments damages relationships.

How to give a bullet-proof compliment.

Why you are in the best position to meet her need.

Why mistakes are golden opportunities.

How apologizing can heal your relationship.

The easy, 4-step formula for making a Turnaround  Apology.

Why you don't have to understand to make it better.

The most important phase you absolutely cannot skip.

Why your competence benefits both of you.

Why women make it hard for you to help. 

The opportunity cost of not helping.

How to help on your own terms.

Why helping is sexy.

What she needs to hear when she's upset. 

Why you don't have to read her mind to meet her needs.

The secret primal need that's really in play. 

Why people in relationships are never standing still.  

How to stop focusing on the exact wrong thing.

Why you don't have to read her mind to meet her needs.


Plus 5 Bonus lessons,
because there'a always more to learn

enlightened chivalry,
so you can become her hero

the irrefutable compliment,
so you can speak to her heart

so you can avoid big fights

so you can do it your own way

Make her feel seen and heard,
so you can move forward

what REAL women want

HERE'S WHAT we cover over the 5 weeks of

your investment


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I started the course with a bit of skepticism. What help did I really need? After all, I figured I was doing okay so far - what more did I need to know? But, with the encouragement of a friend, I decided to try it. The very first week, my eyes were opened and my perception changed from "I'm fine" to “I have a lot to learn.” Throughout the course, Annie’s examples allowed me to reexamine past relationships, the things I did wrong (lots of these!), as well as the things I was doing right (I appreciated the reinforcement). Her perspective has made me see my interactions with women differently. The changes she recommends are simple and easy, but I can already see they make a big difference. I believe these strategies can be put into practice in day to day life with family, friends, and colleagues, as well as intimate relationships. I highly recommend “What Real Women Want" to any man who thinks he already “knows it all”! 

John Capalbo 
Mortgage Broker, Independence Mortgage Group, Waltham, MA 

what clients say...

1. Direct delivery.
The convenience of lessons delivered directly to the privacy of your inbox.  

2. Respectful of your time.
No webinars, no log-ins to remember, no deadlines. Once you sign up, you can review this information at your own pace, anytime, anywhere - and come back to it whenever you want a refresher. 

3. Direct from the source.
Specific information from a woman about what women really need from men, including specific examples and ideas for what you could say - so you can create your own response.

4. Actionable strategies.
We'll drill down on the core issues - the real reasons for disconnection - to save you time, money, and eliminate confusion.

Here's what makes
perfect for smart, busy men

No long assignments, workshops, or books to read. 

No more poking around your insecurities.

No more expensive counseling sessions.

No more baring your soul to strangers.

No additional commitments in your calender.

No more doubting yourself.

No more waiting for her to lighten up.

No more tip-toeing around her feelings.

No more wondering what she wants.

No more endless, late-night talks. 

No more giving up or shutting down.

No more hoping it gets better.

and nothing that you don't want

everything you want

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2. Fill out the web form with your information and submit your payment.

3. Check your inbox for a confirmation email and be sure to opt-in to start getting your WHAT REAL WOMEN WANT emails.

4. Spend the next 5 weeks enjoying the feeling of taking control,
finally relaxing into being yourself, and watching the impact
small shifts can have on your relationship.

If you’re ready to step into your confidence and start building the relationship you want, then take these steps to get started: 

Telling you all of the insider info you wish you knew when you were younger.

it's KINDA like having a friend whispering in your ear

and, another thing...
I strongly recommend that you keep this work to yourself.

You don't have to make a big announcement about taking this course.

The added pressure of being watched and evaluated while you learn to do these new things might make it harder to try them out and fully step into them.

If it won't help your confidence, I say keep it to yourself. This is your business.

Let this be your secret weapon.

When you start doing and saying things differently, your work will speak for itself.

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What I want most for you is to feel confident again and experience being in a relationship that is fulfilling and uplifting. I want you to feel free to be yourself and to get the recognition you deserve.

None of us is perfect - but understanding what's really going on between men and women in relationships has helped me  and I know it can help you too.

If you’re ready to finally show up confidently and start to create the relationship you really want, then I’m ready to support you in making that happen.

I just want you to know I've been there and I know how awful it can be when things aren't easy in your relationship.

ON a personal note...

frequently asked

Q: I'm not sure I want to stay in my relationship - should I wait until I am sure?
A: Especially if you're trying to make a big decision about your relationship, you need confidence to make the right choice. If you've been trying to please her for a long time and things have been tense, you may have lost touch with yourself - which is not a good place to make decisions from. WRWW will help you step back into your dignity and give you a better understanding of some of the underlying dynamics in your relationship. And whether you stay or go, WRWW will help prepare you for whatever comes next.

Q: I’ve got a lot on my plate at work right now. How much time will it take to complete the program each week?
A: WRWW is especially designed for busy professionals like you. The individual emails don't take long to read and you'll mplement the strategies throughout your day, without setting aside any extra time. Many of my clients do a lot of extra work at home, trying to prove themselves, and hoping to make their partner happy. I suspect that doing the same thing over and over and not getting the results you want is wasting more time and energy than you realize. 

Q: My confidence is low because I've been struggling with depression. Should I do therapy instead?
A: This program is not a replacement for therapy, but these two modalities can work together nicely. Typically, therapy takes longer and helps you understand yourself by digging into your past for the root cause of your difficulties. In contrast, WRWW is focused on where your future is headed, who you want to be now, and gets results with actionable strategies. Only you can decide what's best for you. 

Q: The pandemic has me worried about my job and I’m definitely on a budget. Can I really afford this?
A: The cost of this program is about as affordable as upgrading your television. While you might enjoy the distration a big ole new tv would give you (at least for a littel while), investing in this program now will allow you to actually upgrade yourself, as well as your relationship. The emotional and financial benefits of having confidence and an easy, fun relationship with your partner are impossible to calculate, but we know that they have a huge impact on job performance. While WRWW certainly is an investment to consider seriously, I suspect that disconnection with your partner is what you really can’t afford.

Q: I'm working from home these days - with my family and partner always around. Will they know I am doing this?
A: That's the beautiful thing about WRWW - it is especially designed to be completely private. There's no special site or login - everything is delivered right to the privacy of your inbox. You can review the info in the email as many times as you want and make changes at your own pace. You are completely in charge. Yes - your partner and family may notice that you're happier, more relaxed, and feeling more confident - but I'd say that's a good thing!